The mouflon, iconic animal

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The Chablais region is the only place where the mouflon can be found in Switzerland

Torgon is home to the only colony of mouflon in Switzerland, with between 300 and 350 animals. This animal has become the emblem of the resort and many enthusiasts come to Torgon to observe it. It appeared in the 1970’s having come from France and an additional 15 mouflon were also introduced here in exchange for deer, in 1977.
Taking you through the beautiful pre-alpine landscapes, the educational trail "La trace du mouflon" allows you to discover the natural riches of Torgon. While the mouflon is one of the main attractions of the area, many other geological, floral and faunal elements deserve your attention. The trail duration, starting from Plan de Croix, is of about 4 hours. It will take you to an altitude of 1,650 m. and  there are 8 themed observation posts where you can watch the mouflon safely.
Reintroduced in neighbouring France in the 1970s

The reintroduction of the mouflon in neighbouring France in the 1970s was not without reason :  with its large curved horns and fierce habits, the male is a prized hunting trophy. A large colony crossed the border to settle in the Torgon region and continues to live peacefully in our mountains.

The observation point 
You will find information about observing the mouflon at La Chapelle de Recon. In addition, the team at the restaurant La Bourri will be happy to provide you with a pair of binoculars, as the mouflon has become very accustomed to these grassy slopes. However, when the snow arrives, it has to go down to the lowland areas, where it looks for food in the forests.