The Portes du Soleil

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A cross-boarder area

The first cross-border area extends over the Chablaisian and Valaisan alpine territory.
Two countries, two currencies, two mentalities, the same melodious language and more importantly so, the same love for mountains. You can easily begin your day in France and finish it in Switzerland or vice versa.
With the Portes du Soleil pass, the first international ski pass created in 1976, all the slopes are accessible. The Portes du Soleil invented cross-border skiing !
The Portes du Soleil in brief :
  • 2 countries : Switzerland and France
  • 600km of skiing area
  • 308 slopes
  • 208 ski lifts
The largest VTT area in Europe

Discover the 12 resorts of the Portes du Soleil and enjoy the 600 km of slopes and 22 lifts equipped for carrying mountain bikes.  Come and enjoy cross-country, enduro and e-biking.
The Portes du Soleil area offers a large choice of slopes which will leave you dreaming... As you ride, you will be able to admire incredible landscapes, thanks to the area’s location and topography : depending on your preferences, you can venture into the heart of the fir-tree forests, hurtling down wooded paths, on winding single tracks or rubbing shoulders with the beautiful herds in the mountain pastures on wider paths. Take advantage of the 22 ski lifts to cross the French-Swiss border and admire the incredible scenery on your way down.
The Porte du Soleil in brief :
  • 22 bike-lifts
  • Over 600km of slopes
  • 12 inter-connected resorts
  • 1 MTB Enduro and e-Bike lap of 80 km
  • 75 prepared downhill slopes
  • 25 mountain bike schools and support services
  • 30 equipment rental and sales shops
Further information on the Porte du Soleil's website :